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Domestic Violence Leave

Family and domestic violence paid leave on the political agenda after Fair Work Commission decision

Coercive Control

From Love Bombing to isolation, the red flags for coercive control can be dangerously difficult to spot before abuse esclates

Who gets the family dog?

When a couple separates, the fate of the family pet can be a contentious issue. Even the courts don't make it easy

Nearly a quarter of women have experienced emotional abuse by partner

Analysis from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has found nearly a quarter of women have experienced emotional abuse by a partner.

Chris Dawson ‘in shock’ after being found guilty of Murdering his wife.

Ms Dawson's body has not been found and the case against her husband was wholly circumstantial.

Queens’s counsel to become King’s Counsel

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, senior barristers in Australia have had the choice of the title Queen’s Counsel (QC) or Senior Counsel (SC). For those who took the former title, their title has automatically changed to King’s Counsel (KC).

How wills work when someone dies

Making arrangements for your own death may seem confronting, but having a proper plan in place can make a big difference during a difficult time.

History made as High Court has majority-female bench after Jayne Jagot appointment

For the first time in Australian history, the highest court in the land will be dominated by female justices from the middle of October.

Child Abduction - The dilemma mothers face when they become victims of abuse abroad - child abduction or domestic violence

The Federal government is considering changing the laws to ensure victims of domestic violence are not forced to send their children back to abusive partners under the requirements of an international treaty. 

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